Borobodur Temple

I‘ve always had an affinity for visiting ancient ruins and catching sunrises. When the opportunity to visit the Borobodur Temple surfaced on our itinerary for a recent partnership with the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism, I couldn’t contain my excitement.

This UNESCO world-heritage site has survived 1200 years worth of man-made and natural disaster yet it still remains to be such a beauty. This is most especially true when you schedule your visit it at the most ideal time of the day - just before sunrise. Entrance rates at this hour is expected to be higher than the standard rate (USD 15 excluding transportation), but every minute of it would be well worth it. 

We gathered at the foot of the temple by 4:30am. Everything was pitch black when we got there and we were each handed a flashlight before we made our ascent along what seemed like a staircase that was made for giants! Once we got to the top of the hill, we found our spots, eagerly anticipating the sun to rise. 

Within the next 30 minutes or so, hints of the golden hour started surfacing. We then started making our ascent along a staircase that seemed like they were made for giants. As we made our way to our spot, we eagerly settled into a good position for our cameras, waiting for the sun to rise in a short while.

Several minutes after, there it was - with the sun gradually illuminating the surrounding mountains, revealing the lush greeneries covering the small villages. Everything was just golden.

I don’t think my words can ever do justice to magical it was to be there in that moment. That said, I'm leaving you with this brief yet enchanting encounter with the Borobodur Temple. Enjoy!


Quick Tip: The Borobodur Temple tends to be crowded. At times it's almost impossible to take a clear shot with people walking around. Once the sun starts rising, look for a spot at the right side (facing the sun), which seems to be clear of people.