Behind the Scenes with Vida Manila part 2

Here’s a 2nd BTS installment for our shoot with fashion brand, Vida Manila, as wonderfully captured by our bubbly videography intern, Therese Joy.

Here’s what she had to say about her experience in working with the Serica Visuals Team:

To be able to work with the Serica Visuals team has been such a blast and a great honor. One of the things I do for the team is to film behind the scenes footage and make a compelling story out of it. It was a challenging task for me and I thought I was way in over my head when I started because, the behind-the-scenes footages that I know of are usually just montages of what goes on literally behind-the-scenes be it funny or not and I’ve never really had experience in the technical side of filming as well. So how the heck was I supposed to do this?

With Serica’s guidance and mentorship I was able to learn a lot about how to properly shoot in hand held, what settings to use and how to properly adjust the settings when shooting, how to edit and how to piece together a visually compelling story. These past few months, I also got to experience how the team manages to balance work and play together and how they don’t just do what they do for the sake of doing it, they do what they do for the love of doing it. Most of the time, working with the team seemed like it wasn’t work at all, because I had so much fun and you can experience it when you watch our behind-the-scenes series (shameless plug haha).

These were just some of the things that really stuck with me in my journey with Serica Visuals because it made such an impact on my growth. There are no words that amount to how thankful I am for the Serica Visuals team, especially the boss lady herself, Serica because she really went out of her way to teach me how to hone my skills and encourage me to continually grow and improve myself.

- Therese Joy